Heat Transfer T-Shirts


screen print
Silk Screen Shirts

Here are some screen printed shirts we did for a small

Embroidered Logo Shirts for Work

Here's some embroidered shirts we made for Dunbar Heritage Farms.

silk screen cheer shirt brownsburg indiana
Cheer Camp Shirts

These silk screen shirts featuring bold colors were produced for


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Heat Transfer Shirts

Custom one of a kind shirts using either specialty heat transfer material or large format digital prints printed on a special material to create some stunning looks for t-shirts and other textiles. We can take a photograph, or other artwork and transfer it onto an item. Heat transfers are both attractive and durable. We use only the highest quality, professional media for our heat transfers. They provide brilliant colors, a reasonably soft feel and are long lasting.

Heat transfers are the way to go when doing small quantities of items since there is no need to create a screen or digitize the design as is done when using other methods. Modern materials make the heat transfers very durable.

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