Photo Enlargements


silk screen shirt black
Bright Colored Screen Prints on Black Shirts

Here are some printed shirts ZAT Graphics did recently for a

Silk Screen Shirts for Cross Country

Here are some silkscreen shirts we just finished up that also

Embroidered Patches
We Make Patches

We are just putting the finishing touches on this order of

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Photo Enlargements

Our large format printing process give us the ability to make some truly unique photo enlargements. We can print your digital photos just as they are, or we can stylize them with some creative effects. We can also digitally add a frame, such as a filmstrip to give your digital photo prints an original touch that will set them apart.

We can mount your digital photo prints on a variety of substrates, including photo board, foam board, and coroplast to name a few. If you want to go really big, we can enlarge your digital photo to mural size and mount it directly on your room's wall!

For a classic look, try printing your photos on artist's canvas printed and then hand assembled by ZAT Graphics to your specifications.

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